Do it Yourself: Fixing iPhone’s Home Button

You have an iPhone but trouble with your Home Button? This little bastard isn’t working anymore? Well then you have three opportunities:

  1. Go straight away to the Genius Bar at an Apple Store (if you have still guarantee on your iPhone I would recommend this since they’ll repair it for free).
  2. Activate AssistiveTouch and keep using it because paying for a repair out of your own pocket will cost you over 100 Euro.
  3. Solve this problem by yourself and spend less than 10 Euro.


First of all, it’s important to know that this is an “everyone can do this level”. So, even if you’ve never done something like this before – you can do this! It’ll just take its time. And I speak here from my own experience. I’ve done this with my iPhone last month and I wasn’t even sure if it’s gonna work. Luckily it did and I want to share with you how.

You should know, that this is an instruction for an iPhone 5S. I’m sure the other models are built up quite similar but I won’t guarantee it. And you should know that the Touch-ID will NOT work anymore once you replaced the button. If this is an important function for you, then don’t exchange the Home Button by yourself.

What do I need?

Obviously, you need a new Home Button. You can find them pretty cheap on the internet, just make sure that you order the right one – the right colour and for your iPhone model.

And also:

How to do it?

Step 1:
Switch it off!

Step 2:
On both sides of the charger slot is one screw each – the so-called “security screws”, the ones that look like a little star. Unscrew them and put them somewhere safe that you don’t loose them. They are identical, so don’t worry if you confuse them.

Step 3:
Place the suction cup on the display close to the Home Button that you can lift the screen.

Step 4:
With one hand you’re holding the phone and with the other one, you’re gently lifting the screen by using the suction cup but not too much as there’s a cable connecting screen and body and you don’t wanna rip it.


Step 5:
Remove the little metal clamp that fixes the cable on the body.metalklemme_fest
If your spudger tool has a pointed end use this to remove the clamp. If not you can also use one side of a tweezer to make it loose but be even more careful when it’s a metal tweezer.
Don’t lose it 😉

Then use the spudger to disconnect the cable from its contact to the body.

You can swing the screen now slowly further back. But careful, it is still connected to the body.

Step 6:
Now, you unscrew these four screws with the cross screwdriver #000 or the one you got with the set (which should be that one anyway) but NOT confuse them. Gently remove the metal shield, too.

Step 7:
Under this metal shield are three wider cables than the one under the Home Button. Use the spudger to remove them in the order shown below. Don’t wonder, you have to invest a little bit more power to loosen them but still be careful! Note: cable 3 is hidden under 1 and 2.cabledocs Now, you can lift the screen from the body and place it in front you.

Step 8:
Remove the top screw with your #000 screwdriver.backside-homebutton_1

Step 9:
Fold the Home Button cable softly backwards with your spudger and unscrew the two screws (left and right) fixing metal shield. Then, you can set it aside.fold-cable-back

Step 10:
Remove the Home Button by loosening its cable with the spudger from the screen. You might need to do that with a little bit more strength but still be careful. Then push gently with a finger the Home Button out of its frame.push-the-button


Half way! Congrats!

So now, you take your new Home Button and place it there where you just removed the old one and go all the steps backwards.

Sometimes, the new button doesn’t come with the sealing. If so, you have to remove the sealing from your old Home Button and put it onto the new one (Be careful here that you don’t tear anything. Rather buy a button with a sealing.). For this step, you should use a tweezer.



Step 11:
Affix the new Home Button and as I already said go all the steps backwards.

When you connect the dispaly cables to the body, press them down with your finger until you hear a *click*, then you know that they are fixed.

The most tricky part during this whole session is the placing back of the clamp.  Make sure that the side with the blue arrow is into direction bottomside and the red arrowed side into the other direction.


Once you placed it back you can start your iPhone while it’s still open to check if the Home  Button works. If not, you might need to redo just the last step (connecting the cable with the body panel) and instead of putting back the clamp, place your finger on the contact and try if the Home Button works. Try a little bit and see if that works. If so, place the clamp carefully where it belongs. Try the Home Button again and when it works, close the phone and put back the last two screws.



Some of the pictures are not mine. Those are from and



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