Copy and Paste and Word…

Copying text or pictures and inserting it into a Word document – a nightmare. The text has a completely different font and size. The picture destroys the entire structure of the document. You know that struggle. Unfortunately, you can’t avoid it but you can defeat it! And it’s pretty easy. So, no Boromir, it is simple!

Inserting text

It is not as complicated as you might think. No matter if you use the key combination for copy/paste (strg+C and strg+V [for Windows]/ cmd+C and cmd+V [for Mac OS]) or the right-hand clicks with your cursor, as soon as you insert the copied text into your Word document there’ll appear this little icon:bildschirmfoto-2017-02-18-um-16-07-09

As you can see, the fonts in this example are different. Now, it’s important that you don’t  type anything or click on anything but this little icon. When you do so it’ll give you various options, the “Paste Options”. If you want to have the new text in the same font as the one in your document, choose “Keep Text Only”. If the pasted text also has a different formatting, choose “Match Destination Formatting”. To make it complete since there are mostly three options, the third one is “Keep Source Formatting”, which means that everything stays the way as it is as you inserted it.

Depending on your Word edition these options are either written out or shown as little pictures/icons (In this case just lead the cursor on each icon, wait a moment and a little text box will appear and explain what it means. Then choose what you need.)

That’s it. And yes, it’s that easy!

By the way – this also works for the other Microsoft Office programmes.

Inserting a picture

This is also not as complicated as you might think, but a little bit more trial and error is required until the correct position is found. Once you inserted a picture, don’t panic if it moves everything else around. (Double-)Click on that picture and then the “Format Picture” menu bar will open up. In this toolbar, you’ll see these three symbols:


In most of the times, you’ll only need the middle one. But the other two can also be helpful sometimes, which is why I circled them, too. Just play a little bit around until you have the result you want. There’s no perfect solution for all pictures because every picture has either a different size or a different spot, where it’s supposed to be in a document.

However, if you’re not sure yet, where exactly you want to place the picture, I recommend choosing the ‘dog’ option (Wrapping style) “In front of text”. With that, you can drag and drop the picture wherever you want without ruining the consisting structure. Once you know where you want to put it, click with the cursor on that spot/line in the text, click back on the picture and choose the second or third ‘dog’ option (“Square”/ “Tight”). The text formatting will change now since you need space for the picture. To move it around simply click and hold on it with the cursor. If you want to move it more precisely, press and hold strg or cmd before you click the cursor. Then place the picture to its final position.

That’s it. Good luck with whatever you’re working on 🙂






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