Protect Your Device!

On average, you pay about 270 US-Dollars for a new smartphone. With 630 US-Dollars, iPhone users spend the most and Android users with 210 US-Dollars the least. Either way, this is quite a lot of money of which you should take care of. Not the money itself, of course, but the product you buy it with. Imagine, you purchase a new smartphone for hundreds of US-Dollars, keep it as “naked” as it is and then drop it once by accident. Result: The display is broken. By the way, this is the most common smartphone damage. Anyway, if you want to get it fixed you have to pay a lot of money for the repair. Money, you could’ve saved if you would’ve bought a protection beforehand. And this protection isn’t even that expensive.

To make sure, that my smartphone – for example – is definitely safe I bought:

A) a phone case and
B) a tempered glass screen protection foil.

Depending on the phone case’s type, it alone could be sufficient enough – when it’s a case covering the entire phone, for example. Cases that only protect the backside and the frame still won’t keep the phone’s display safe. To ensure this, though, you need a screen protection foil. But not just a simple foil since these only protect the display from scratches – get a tempered glass screen protector, which protects your screen even when your phone got dropped. Have a look on Amazon, for example. Prices start there by around £3, which is definitely not much.
And phone cases aren’t that expensive either. Just search a little bit around, get inspiration and then just choose what you like.

These cases and foils are also available for tablet computers like the Apple iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab. These devices are even more expensive. So you should protect them, too 😉


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