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Hi everybody!
I hope you had a great weekend so far. As I was thinking about a new blog post earlier today during a nice long walk through the beautiful nature of my hometown, I thought it’s time for another entry in my Toolish series. This tool helps you with the grammar of the English language. It is an add-on and an application called Grammarly.

Grammarly helps you checking spelling, punctuation and grammar while you’re writing in English – either American or British English, depending on what you need. It offers two versions, a free one and a premium edition. Below you can see the differences listed:


This tool works for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari. Just type into the search box of your search engine “Grammarly”, then if you use Google, click on the first result and it will automatically offer you a download for your browser. To use Grammarly, though, you need to set up an account. Once you’ve downloaded it, it’ll appear in your toolbar (black circled), like this:


Afterwards, it’ll work completely automatically – kinda like the grammar check of Word if you know what I mean but within your web browser. So, it’s pretty self-explanatory and you’ll easily figure out how it works. I’m using the free version and it helps me here and there when I confuse a preposition or do careless mistakes in spelling, for example. Some mistakes, though, will be highlighted but the correction is not accessible for you. For that, you need to buy the upgrade, which starts from $11.66 a month with and annual plan. But you should know, it doesn’t recognise every mistake. I don’t know if that’s different in the premium version since I only have the free one. But surely, you can’t only count on Grammarly and replace it for manual proofreading. That’s my opinion and also of Ben Kepes from the Forbes Magazine, who gives a more detailed review.

Nonetheless, this tool is not only helpful for learners of the English language but also for native speakers – even in the free version and even when it doesn’t find every mistake. Check it out, try it and build your own opinion. For something you don’t have to pay for, it’s worth a try, I think 🙂


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