The Most Useful Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard and mouse (or trackpad) are the two things we are using to operate with a computer or laptop. The keyboard is mainly used for writing something or gaming, for example, whereas the mouse is the master of handling the important stuff such as opening programmes or changing settings etc. But as you might already know with certain shortcuts, the keyboard can here and there replace the use of the mouse. The most popular one is probably “copy and paste” ( [ctrl] + [C] and [ctrl] + [V]). These shortcuts are very handy and also save time – in most cases. There are so many possible shortcuts I’m not even aware of and I’m not going to explain all of them. But there’re a few that make the everyday use of a computer easier, which is why I’m summarising them for you in this post. And of course for both MacOS and Windows users. Here we go:

The Keyboard Shortcuts

cut, copy and paste (e.g. text, pictures, files)
cut: [ctrl] + [X] ; copy: [ctrl] + [C] ; paste: [ctrl] + [V]

cut: [cmd] + [X] ; copy: [cmd] + [C] ; paste: [cmd] + [V]

print (e.g. a word/pdf document or online)
Windows: [ctrl] + [P]
MacOS: [cmd] + [P]

save (e.g. a document, picture)
Windows: [ctrl] + [S]
MacOS: [cmd] + [S]

save as
Windows: [ctrl] + [shift] + [S]
MacOS: [cmd] + [shift] + [S]

select all (e.g. in a document or on a website)
Windows: [ctrl] + [A]
MacOS: [cmd] + [A]

search something online or in a document (works in most cases)
Windows: [ctrl] + [F]
MacOS: [cmd] + [F]

quit a programme
Windows: [alt] + [F4]
MacOS: [cmd] + [Q]

Windows: [ctrl] + [Z]
MacOS: [cmd] + [Z]

Windows: [ctrl] + [Y]
MacOS: [cmd] + [Y]

switch into full screen while watching a video
Windows & MacOS: just press [F] when you started watching the video

write something in bold, italic or underlined
bold [ctrl] + [B] ; italic [ctrl] + [I] ; underlined [ctrl] + [U]

bold [cmd] + [B] ; italic [cmd + [I] ; underlined [cmd] + [U]

fade in or fade out the dock at MacOS Dock: [cmd] + [alt] +[ D]

special characters:

  • for © (copyright) press [alt] + [G] with MacOS and [alt] + 0169 (one after the other) with Windows
  • for ® (registered trademark) press [alt] + [R] and [alt] + 0174 (one after the other) with Windows
  • for ~ (tilde character) press [alt] +[ N]
  • for [ ] (square brackets) press [alt] + [5] or [6]

screenshots: see this blog post

See more shortcuts for Windows computers here:

Or see more shortcuts for MacOS computers here:


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