Faster Internet By Using LAN

These days we’re all used to accessing the internet via a Wi-Fi connection. Sometimes, though, this connection seems to be much slower or unstable than it’s supposed to be. To get online we need a router. And of course, there are very different routers from different companies on the market. Some of them are better and stronger, some of them are not so good and weaker with sending the Wi-Fi signal. Sometimes, even when you have a really good router, the strength of the signal is not really satisfying. This could be the case when walls, doors or ceilings get in the way of the signal – they make it weaker. So think thoroughly about, where you place(d) your router (and also repeater if you use one).

If you require a permanently stable and the fastest internet connection your router provides, then simply use a LAN cable instead of Wi-Fi. Yes, it is a cord that might bother you laying around. But the big advantage is that the internet quality remains perfectly (I mean, as perfect as it can get with your connection to the internet and the responsible provider.). Nothing gets “lost in the air” and you then can work with the entire download and upload speed.

I highly recommend that when you don’t have an unbelievable high internet speed anyway, where it doesn’t really make a noticeable difference. Try it, for example, with your desktop-PC, TVs that are connected to the internet (-> Smart TVs) or gaming consoles…things that you normally don’t move once they have their place.

And, by the way, these LAN cables are not even that expensive – so it might be worth a try. 😉


PS.: To test how fast your internet really is, simply search something like “internet speedtest” or “test internet speed” and pick one of the search results. (They are self-explanatory.)


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