How Samsung Shows An Ostrich How to Fly

Usually, I blog about tips and tricks or other helpful stuff regarding different technology devices. This time, though, I need to tell you about this phenomenal commercial from Samsung. The only thing people remember these days when they hear “Samsung” is the exploding smartphone Galaxy S7 Note. So the company had to put in a lot of effort to create something that sticks in everyone’s mind at least just as much as the phone drama – if not even more. Yesterday was the official launch of Samsung’s new flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S8. It is definitely a very good looking phone, probably the best-looking phone on the market..well by the 21st of April, which is the date where it goes on sale to the public. So, I can only tell from pictures like this:

With the release event of the S8 in New York, they also show this amazing TV commercial for their virtual-reality-glasses Gear VR. Please have a look, as over 1m others did so far:

When this isn’t something that sticks in your mind – I don’t know what would.

An ostrich, as everyone knows, belongs to the type of birds that can’t fly. Well, in this spot the Gear VR makes the impossible possible.” We make what can’t be made. So you can do what can’t be done” is the message of the spot, supported by the hashtag #DoWhatYouCan’t. With that, Samsung wants to convey everyone to strongly believe in what they want to achieve even when it seems impossible. And even when the commercial was completely “simulated” as it says at the beginning of the spot. But hell yes – this is a damn good simulation and you might also think this could be true. So, a good piece of work I’d say. Everything just fits perfectly in this commercial – not to mention Elton John’s “Rocket Man”.

Good job Leo Burnett, who’s the brain behind that spot, and Samsung.
I like it and I hope you too!


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