Story Of My Life: DON’T Let Alcohol And Tech Come Together

An extremely strong and rather disgusting smell of alcohol. Where do we know this from?
The room where the night before the big birthday party took place? Or maybe the breath from someone who’s hangover?
Yes indeed, this is quite right. But I neither went to a birthday party nor was my roommate hangover.

It was the computer from one of my friends that smelled as if he (the computer) would’ve had the night of his life. Unfortunately, he drank way too many shots of rum, tequila or whatever it was. He did not know his limit and died the same night as a consequence of alcoholic poisoning.

Although technology can endure quite a lot these days and there are also special waterproof products on the market, when someone is pouring his drink over the keyboard of a basic student laptop, this computer won’t survive.

Exactly this recently happened to my friend’s poor computer. Of course, it wasn’t working anymore the next day but I told her I’ll have look and see if I can at least save her data.
But no chance. I’ve never seen the inside of a computer like this – no I never FELT it like this since everything was very sticky from the drink.

The cupper of the cable connecting motherboard and batterie has already reacted with the oxygen. Look:

The drink was or still is – I must say – literally everywhere:

This computer is now, obviously, not usable anymore. Well, well..poor computer. But he’s not the only one that had to suffer from drunkenly people surrounding him.

Fred, the name of this other computer, sits helplessly on the hob. He’s responsible for the music to which drunk party people are dancing around him in the kitchen. Everyone has a lot of fun and everything is fine until he starts feeling unwell and very sweaty. The people around him are giving him uncertain looks from the dance floor and Fred sees that they’re wrinkling their noses. All of the sudden, one girl grabs Fred, lifts him up and screams “Who switched on the hob?”
No one…not on purpose, of course. Because believe it or not, but apparently there are dance moves of which any part of the human body randomly turns on one of the knobs regulating the hob.
Luckily, we noticed that early enough and Fred survived without any severe injuries but a partly melted case. It could’ve ended even worse, though, imagine Fred would’ve caught fire!

So, in conclusio pro computero: Place your laptop at a safe spot where no heat can melt the case and no alcohol be poured over the keyboard. It is better for both laptop and people.


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