Customised Deletion – Storage Grub WhatsApp

“Storage Almost Full”

Are you annoyed by this pop-up message on your phone? Yes, same! I have an iPhone with only 16GB storage of which only 11ish are actually usable. So a few times a year I have to deal with this sh**. Also, Android users get this message sometimes – I remember this from my old phone. Therefore, no matter which phone… the storage problems are everywhere.

A good place to start to enable more storage is to delete pictures and videos. But another, for some people even better, place to release memory are messenger services such as WhatsApp or iMessage. Clearing the complete chat of certain or all people, that’s probably the easiest way. But what I recently figured out is that (on WhatsApp, unfortunately only on iOS) you can also delete just the photos, videos, voice messages or texts etc. from a single chat only. This might be very useful when you want to keep all pictures, for example, but you want to delete all voice messages and texts ooor the other way round. Well, this is how you do it:
And btw, it also shows you how much storage each chat uses (I was surprised at some chats!).

You can find and manage this via the app’s settings.
Open WhatsApp > Settings > Data and Storage Usage > Storage Usage > now you’ll see every contact listed by the amount of storage usage.

When you tab on one, it’ll show you how the total storage is composed. Click on the following gallery to see what I mean:

When you scroll down now, you can tap on “Manage…”, which will allow you to clear whatever you want:

Useful, right?

Yeah, I thought I should let you know! 😀

Oh and if you click on “Network Usage” instead of “Storage Usage” you can see how much data of everything you actually sent or received with that App since the last reset. Me, for example, I’ve sent over 23,000 messages since I use this phone (approx. 1y and 3m)! Wow – how much did you sent? Let me know in the comments, I’m very curious!



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