Story Of My Life: Prevent Losing Your Documents

Uuugh sometimes I just don’t like technology. I mean, when I don’t understand why something is happening that should NOT happen. And when not even the world wide web has an answer for this. Best example: The words in a document turn step by step into stars. This looks like this: Continue reading “Story Of My Life: Prevent Losing Your Documents”


🏃 Run, Forrest, Run! – over the Keyboard! 🏃

There’s something I need to show you guys. I don’t remember exactly when I heard of it the first time – what matters is, that I finally checked it out and it was FUN. I’m speaking of the website “typeracer”. Have you heard of it? You definitely should check it! Let me tell you what it is about. Continue reading “🏃 Run, Forrest, Run! – over the Keyboard! 🏃”

Toolish ∴ Adblocker

You open a website and these annoying adverts popping up? Or you just want to watch a video online but you can’t reach the play button symbol because everything is full of advertising? Well, this is how these websites or services make their money. But there is a way how you can suppress these pop-ups.

Continue reading “Toolish ∴ Adblocker”

Story Of My Life: DON’T Let Alcohol And Tech Come Together

An extremely strong and rather disgusting smell of alcohol. Where do we know this from?
The room where the night before the big birthday party took place? Or maybe the breath from someone who’s hangover?
Yes indeed, this is quite right. But I neither went to a birthday party nor was my roommate hangover. Continue reading “Story Of My Life: DON’T Let Alcohol And Tech Come Together”

Mr. Marloon’s Weekend Quiz

Hi everyone! It’s puzzle time!

It is time again for a new weekend quiz and this time you can solve a puzzle, which you can find below. Continue reading “Mr. Marloon’s Weekend Quiz”

Faster Internet By Using LAN

These days we’re all used to accessing the internet via a Wi-Fi connection. Sometimes, though, this connection seems to be much slower or unstable than it’s supposed to be. To get online we need a router. And of course, there are very different routers from different companies on the market. Some of them are better and stronger, some of them are not so good and weaker with sending the Wi-Fi signal. Continue reading “Faster Internet By Using LAN”

The Most Useful Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard and mouse (or trackpad) are the two things we are using to operate with a computer or laptop. The keyboard is mainly used for writing something or gaming, for example, whereas the mouse is the master of handling the important stuff such as opening programmes or changing settings etc. But as you might already know with certain shortcuts, the keyboard can here and there replace the use of the mouse. Continue reading “The Most Useful Keyboard Shortcuts”

Mr. Marloon’s Weekend Quiz

Thank God It’s Friday!

And is there a better way to begin the long-desired weekend than with a little fun?  No. Exactly! This is why I open up my new series: Mr. Marloon’s Weekend Quiz.
All of the here uploaded quizzes are somehow technology related, but nonetheless FUN is the FOCUS. Continue reading “Mr. Marloon’s Weekend Quiz”

Toolish ∴ Grammar Check

Hi everybody!
I hope you had a great weekend so far. As I was thinking about a new blog post earlier today during a nice long walk through the beautiful nature of my hometown, I thought it’s time for another entry in my Toolish series. This tool helps you with the grammar of the English language. It is an add-on and an application called Continue reading “Toolish ∴ Grammar Check”

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