Customised Deletion – Storage Grub WhatsApp

“Storage Almost Full”

Are you annoyed by this pop-up message on your phone? Yes, same! I have an iPhone with only 16GB storage of which only 11ish are actually usable. So a few times a year I have to deal with this sh**. Also, Android users get this message sometimes – I remember this from my old phone. Therefore, no matter which phone… the storage problems are everywhere.

Continue reading “Customised Deletion – Storage Grub WhatsApp”


Addition To Changing The Font Size

Recently, I showed you how to change the font size on your phone. A couple of days later, I noticed that there’s another opportunity to do that. Since I’m using an iPhone 5S I simply couldn’t see this function since it’s just not available¬†– apparently. But it is for iPhone users of the iPhone 6 or higher. It is called Continue reading “Addition To Changing The Font Size”

Mr. Marloon’s Weekend Quiz

Hi everyone! It’s puzzle time!

It is time again for a new weekend quiz and this time you can solve a puzzle, which you can find below. Continue reading “Mr. Marloon’s Weekend Quiz”

How Samsung Shows An Ostrich How to Fly

Usually, I blog about tips and tricks or other helpful stuff regarding different technology devices. This time, though, I need to tell you about this phenomenal commercial from Samsung. The only thing people remember these days when they hear “Samsung” is the exploding smartphone Galaxy S7 Note. So the company had to put in a lot of effort to create something that sticks in everyone’s mind at least just as much as the phone drama – if not even more. Continue reading “How Samsung Shows An Ostrich How to Fly”

How To Change The Font Size On Your Phone

I was having some drinks with my friends the other night and one of them told the other that the font size of her phone is bigger than usually. She obviously denied it (to be fair, when you don’t pay attention you don’t really notice it) but when they compared it with each other’s phone (both iPhone) you could see that the font sizes were different. My friend grinned and said: “Well, I don’t know how to change it. Marlon, you could write a blog post on that.” Continue reading “How To Change The Font Size On Your Phone”

How To Set Up Medical ID and Emergency Info

You’re going on a run. You’re listening to music and all you have with you is your phone and the house key. You have an accident as you collide with a car. You are not able to communicate anymore and no one knows you or anything about you. How are people now supposed to contact your partner or your parents? How does the doctor know what blood type you are, what medicine you might take or which allergies you might have? Continue reading “How To Set Up Medical ID and Emergency Info”

Mr. Marloon’s Weekend Quiz

Thank God It’s Friday!

And is there a better way to begin the long-desired weekend than with a little fun?¬† No. Exactly! This is why I open up my new series: Mr. Marloon’s Weekend Quiz.
All of the here uploaded quizzes are somehow technology related, but nonetheless FUN is the FOCUS. Continue reading “Mr. Marloon’s Weekend Quiz”

This Is How You Hide The Unread Email Number

2,638 unread emails or so? Your iPhone and/or iPad shows you this continuously with this beautiful red badge on the top right corner of the Mail app icon? And slowly but steady you get annoyed by this? Well, this is how you switch it off: Continue reading “This Is How You Hide The Unread Email Number”

How To Fix A Frozen Touch Screen?

2.32 billion people worldwide are using a smartphone. These little mobile-phone-computers are operated by a touch-screen display. But what to do when this display is suddenly not working anymore? Well, in case you’re my father, you can just come to me and let me solve this problem – as my dad did today. Otherwise, I’ll quickly help you out with this blog post. Continue reading “How To Fix A Frozen Touch Screen?”

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