Faster Internet By Using LAN

These days we’re all used to accessing the internet via a Wi-Fi connection. Sometimes, though, this connection seems to be much slower or unstable than it’s supposed to be. To get online we need a router. And of course, there are very different routers from different companies on the market. Some of them are better and stronger, some of them are not so good and weaker with sending the Wi-Fi signal. Continue reading “Faster Internet By Using LAN”


How To Set Up Medical ID and Emergency Info

You’re going on a run. You’re listening to music and all you have with you is your phone and the house key. You have an accident as you collide with a car. You are not able to communicate anymore and no one knows you or anything about you. How are people now supposed to contact your partner or your parents? How does the doctor know what blood type you are, what medicine you might take or which allergies you might have? Continue reading “How To Set Up Medical ID and Emergency Info”

The Most Useful Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard and mouse (or trackpad) are the two things we are using to operate with a computer or laptop. The keyboard is mainly used for writing something or gaming, for example, whereas the mouse is the master of handling the important stuff such as opening programmes or changing settings etc. But as you might already know with certain shortcuts, the keyboard can here and there replace the use of the mouse. Continue reading “The Most Useful Keyboard Shortcuts”

Mr. Marloon’s Weekend Quiz

Thank God It’s Friday!

And is there a better way to begin the long-desired weekend than with a little fun?  No. Exactly! This is why I open up my new series: Mr. Marloon’s Weekend Quiz.
All of the here uploaded quizzes are somehow technology related, but nonetheless FUN is the FOCUS. Continue reading “Mr. Marloon’s Weekend Quiz”

This Is How You Hide The Unread Email Number

2,638 unread emails or so? Your iPhone and/or iPad shows you this continuously with this beautiful red badge on the top right corner of the Mail app icon? And slowly but steady you get annoyed by this? Well, this is how you switch it off: Continue reading “This Is How You Hide The Unread Email Number”

How To Fix A Frozen Touch Screen?

2.32 billion people worldwide are using a smartphone. These little mobile-phone-computers are operated by a touch-screen display. But what to do when this display is suddenly not working anymore? Well, in case you’re my father, you can just come to me and let me solve this problem – as my dad did today. Otherwise, I’ll quickly help you out with this blog post. Continue reading “How To Fix A Frozen Touch Screen?”

Toolish ∴ Grammar Check

Hi everybody!
I hope you had a great weekend so far. As I was thinking about a new blog post earlier today during a nice long walk through the beautiful nature of my hometown, I thought it’s time for another entry in my Toolish series. This tool helps you with the grammar of the English language. It is an add-on and an application called Continue reading “Toolish ∴ Grammar Check”

A Teacher’s Nightmare: How To Use A Projector?

The relationship between computers and projectors…a struggle in the everyday life.
Since our lives became more and more digital you barely can’t avoid using a projector – especially as a teacher in school or professor in a university. Showing something on the internet, slides of a presentation or playing a video are just a few examples where you need laptop and projector. But this damn projector never works the way you need it? Continue reading “A Teacher’s Nightmare: How To Use A Projector?”

Protect Your Device!

On average, you pay about 270 US-Dollars for a new smartphone. With 630 US-Dollars, iPhone users spend the most and Android users with 210 US-Dollars the least. Either way, this is quite a lot of money of which you should take care of. Not the money itself, of course, but the product you buy it with. Imagine, you purchase a new smartphone for hundreds of US-Dollars, keep it as “naked” as it is and then Continue reading “Protect Your Device!”

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